What Exactly is a Retail Audit?

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When most people imagine an audit, they envision a hapless bureaucrat trapped behind an enormous pile of paperwork. The poor person in question here is performing an audit: an assessment of a company’s performance, which points out areas of weakness and suggests...

What to Look for in a New Bank

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Now that you’ve gotten all your packing done and loaded up the moving van, it’s time to try your luck in a new town. However, before getting too comfortable in your new home, there are a number of tasks you’ll need to attend to. In addition to unpacking and...

Auto Financing Tips for your Car

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Car buyers always borrow loans from financial companies; which offer the best interest rates on auto loans. Interest rates on car loans always depend on the company offering the loans; different financial institutions have different interest rates based on different...

Guides on Benefits of a No Win No Fee Solicitor

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When you are trying to claim refund for damage and losses incurred during medical negligence, accidents and the like, there are lots of factors that come into play. The legal expenses can be a big factor. However, hiring a no win, no fee solicitor can ensure that...

118 118 Takes First Footstep into the World of Consumer Finance

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The company that is widely known for its TV adverts which involves two moustached men is ready to step into the world of consumer finance. They are going a basic personal loan product aimed at consumers who can’t get credit from high street banks. They are...

Personal loans support every credit requirement

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Thinking about getting a personal loan? Here comes a short guide from how they might be categorised to demand and decision making. Loans are broadly categorised as mortgage, personal loans and commercial loans. Mortgage and commercial loans are dedicated categories...

Secured loans the high credit range option

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The demand for secured personal loans is on a rise in the UK credit market, as more and more people are opting for secured credit even for small monetary requirements. Market report shows that the loan seekers are slowly but surely realising that multiple unsecured...

1,900 jobs to be cut by the Deutsche Bank

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The Deutsche bank are planning to cut 1,900 jobs as their profits slump to a low. The cut will mainly happen outside of Germany. Its not the workers fault to why their profits have slumped but it is to do with the financial market slowing down in activity.

“Italy will not need bailout” says Mario Monti

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On Tuesday it was said that Italy will not need a bailout because of Rome. He said even in the future he does not need any money from the European financial stability fund. In the greek election this Sunday Athens could be out of the eurozone. “Our country...

82 Million GBP for Young Entrepreneurs

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David Cameron is keen to support young entrepreneurs, he believes that young people are not eager to go to banks and take out a loan to start up a business with high interest rates.  According to the Prime Minister, if this nation were as entrepreneurial as the...